The Top 5 Cyber Threats in 2021

While 2020 and 2021 have been tough years for businesses, filled with uncertainty, financial strain and constant changes to restrictions. There is one thing that has remained a consistent threat to your business both before and throughout the pandemic… You guessed it… Cyber Threats.

So, What are the top threats in 2021? 

Data Control / Visibility

With many members of staff working from home over the last 18 months, how many devices do you think your staff have used to access your business data? On average, it is 3 devices. An employer owned device, a personal computer and a mobile phone. 

With data spread across so many devices (many of which are unprotected), your chances of suffering a data breach has increased exponentially.



We have all heard about this, many of us still remember the 2017 WannaCry attack on the NHS, but the threat level is higher now than it was nearly 4 years ago and small businesses are seeing the majority of attacks aimed at them. To hackers, it is common belief that smaller businesses are more likely to pay a ransom because their data is not usually backed up and they do not have effective cyber security controls in place. 


Internet of Things (IoT) vulnerabilities

TVs, audio systems and lights, smart speakers, automobiles, and even home security systems… We all have them. In fact, most people can’t even remember how many IoT devices they have in their home. While, yes, they do make our lives easier and stop us forgetting to feed the goldfish, they are also a substantial risk to your data as many IoT devices have immature or non-existent security measures installed. Leaving an open door for hackers into your networks.


Phishing Attacks

How many fraudulent emails have you received in the last 18 months? Probably a shed load, right? Usually pretending to be from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, your bank etc. Phishing attempts have become far more sophisticated in the last 18 months as hackers have tried their best to exploit the pandemic in order to make more money. Phishing emails used to be so easy to identify due to poor grammar, terrible design and obviously incorrect email addresses. 

But many of these attacks are now made to such a high standard that fraudulent emails and webpages are indistinguishable from the real thing. It is vital that you train your staff to recognise the signs of a phishing attack, so your business doesn’t suffer a breach and become part of a statistic.


Theft or Loss of equipment

As businesses return to the workplace, your staff have to get used to traveling with devices again. Countless devices are left on or in trains, buses, taxis, ubers etc. Some are even left in cars and stolen. So, make sure your staff remember to keep some kind of physical contact with their device at all times when traveling with them… because if that device is found by the wrong person, it could cause havoc to your business.


What can you do?

Dead Simple Computing are experts in IT security and have formed amazing partnerships with leading cyber security vendors to provide our clients with tailored protection plans that cover all aspects of their IT infrastructure.


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