Backup and Business Continuity

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A key part of our work is keeping you working! Our team are risk adverse at heart and our experience has taught us how important a robust and thorough backup and continuity protocol can be.

Whilst general IT Security (link to IT security page) covers part of a preventative strategy, Backup and Business Continuity recognises that things do go wrong even to the most prepared and is there to mitigate the impact when issues do occur.

Dead Simple Computing can work with you in a consultative manner to devise a secure and well tested series of practices and processes that leave you feeling confidant and rest assured that you have covered all bases should the worst happen.

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Managed Backup Services

We can offer you a fully managed backup service whereby you do not need to worry about any of the scheduling, updating or general management of the solution. 

This can still be either on premise of cloud based and tailored to your requirements

Data, Server, and Infrastructure Backup

Backup and restore solutions for seamless file protection and recovery. Options for data and applications that already exist on cloud or on-premises locations such as local servers or end-user computers.

In addition to files and folders, we can provide backup solutions for your servers and infrastructure. 

Depending on the scale of your organisation there are a few different avenues to look at when it comes to back up of servers.

Depending on many variables such as your deployment type, the length of time you wish to store a backup for and the capacity required, this could be a locally based or remote solution and one of three types of backup: Full, Incremental or Differential.

To discuss your requirements and get insights into the best type of backup solution for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Keep critical data safe across your Microsoft 365 applications including your central collaborative platforms. It is not always necessary to employ an external backup solution for this as most of the capability is within Microsoft 365.

However, to ensure you are giving your future ‘panic-stricken’ self the most straightforward method of ensuring recovery, it is essential that the appropriate configuration is in place.

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Should a ‘disaster’ occur (in this sense we refer to unplanned interruption to your IT infrastructures), you absolutely want to find that you have Disaster Recovery Plan in place and ready to go.

There are many standard plans that a business might adopt but it is well worth reviewing and evaluating if it is appropriate for the industry, the location and the specific infrastructure in question.

We can help to guide you in the right direction and assess the appropriateness of any existing plan that you have in place.

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Why Dead Simple Computing?

We really pride ourselves on giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to IT & Technology. In this day and age, the complexity of the systems we rely on is often much beyond our level of understanding which in turn can make it tricky to know how to manage. Dead Simple Computing can help you understand where there are vulnerabilities in your current business continuity set up and advise how to make it more robust.

To allow us to take the time-consuming tasks from you, we install an agent onto your systems through which we can easily install and configure your back-up (this is the same system that we manage the likes of firewalls and anti-virus/anti-malware; see IT Security for more info on this).


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