IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure from Dead Simple.

The backbone of your office or home IT setup is the IT infrastructure; it creates the foundation upon which you work and build your business.

A strong infrastructure setup allows for more efficient and reliable operations, longevity for your network and ease of upgrading and changing components such as Wi-Fi, telecoms and servers.

Helping you with the likes of cabling, networking, Wi-Fi installation, communication infrastructure, servers, wireless devices and more, Dead Simple is here to help you ensure that your foundations stand the test of time while providing a strong platform to grow your business.

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Why use Dead Simple Computing?

According to Gartner, IT Infrastructure is made up of hardware, software, facilities, and services that support the delivery of business systems and IT enabled processes. According to Dead Simple, it is the foundation and building blocks of your IT setup and often causes more stress and confusion that it needs to; we are here to help take that burden away from you and let you focus on what you do best; running your business.

Office Structured Cabling

If the thought of cabling out an office gives you the chills, then let us deal with it for you. With a cable tie in every bag and pocket we take pride in providing this service and leaving you with a well thought out and neat cabling system.

As well as businesses starting out, we also help customers who are moving office or who want to simplify and neaten up their existing cabling.

Believe it or not, there is an art to cabling and we aim to optimise the space through careful planning and design. 


Networking resources, at its most basic level refers to the method of connecting things together. A network would usually be made up of switches, routers and wireless access points. Then, via these resources, devices can communicate with one another and external networks such as the internet.

A Local Area Network (LAN) as seen within most organisations can end up expanding from demand but without proper planning or consideration for the requirements that a growing network might need. Similarly, someone starting out and purchasing all the top end equipment but not understanding what you’re trying to achieve or the best ways to do so pretty much makes the quality of the equipment redundant.

Dead Simple have seen all the mistakes in the book and want to help ensure that you don’t have to battle your way through them before reaching the best option. We can help guide you towards the setup that gives you the most flexibility, reliability and functionality as is appropriate for you and your business.

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WiFi Installation

Bad Wi-Fi in this day and age is often detrimental to a business or home network with so many systems and devices reliant on a consistent and strong connection.

Poor Wi-Fi can be caused by a number of things such as bad placement, poor coverage, interference and insufficient capacity to name a few. It is therefore crucial to consider your requirements carefully before purchasing and installing a wireless network.

We have dealt with so many customers who are suffering from poor Wi-Fi and can say hand on heart that no matter how many X-brand boosters you buy, this will never solve the route (no pun intended) cause!

Get in touch today to discuss your Wi-Fi dilemma – we take a consultative approach to working with all of our customers and like to understand your wants and needs before going ahead and making recommendations.

We are confidant, nonetheless, that we can provide a solution to fit.


This covers the infrastructure for all communication channels, traditional telephony, internet and any other means of transmitting voice, data, text, sounds or images.

A note on telephony – whilst a wired, traditional phone system is still an option, we would highly recommend considering an IP based telephony system – see Telecoms & VoIP for more information on the numerous benefits of VoIP as well as details on the upcoming end of life of ISDN lines.

Internet is probably the most requested form of comms infrastructure that we get asked for help with and as mentioned when talking about Wi-fi, a good internet connection is invaluable for the smooth operation of a business or even a home network.

Servers & Storage

Server infrastructure generally comprises of both physical and virtual components that work together with hardware, software and network resources to deliver services to your business.

You may be familiar with the typical server rack, sitting in a highly air-conditioned room with a bazillion little flashy lights and an infinite number of coloured cables. This is the storage, the big brain and the backup behind the scenes that keeps your computers and your network running smoothly.

See Backup & Business Continuity for more on Backup services and worst case planning.

IT Hardware

The infrastructure hardware is the physical items that make up the infrastructure, so the physical servers, routers, computers, switches, and other equipment.

Dead Simple Computing work with many well known and less well known brands when it comes to supplying physical hardware for your IT setup.

Once we have identified the requirements and agreed on the best way to optimise your infrastructure we can also supply the physical components to take that task off of your hands.

We can also provide guidance on hardware that you might already have and the best way to make that work for you.


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