Small Business IT Support

Your responsive, friendly and highly experienced outsourced IT team.

Like it or not, your small business will probably require some form of technology. 

We’re here to support YOU and show you that it doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Forget the unnecessary costs

Forget complicated and unreliable support 

Forget slow and unclear replies

Forget being palmed off with ‘sorry this can’t be fixed’

You don’t need any of that rubbish, and we vow to reinstate trust as an outsourced IT support provider and give you the support and guidance that works for you and your business; not for us and our wallets!

Dead Simple Computing

Less Hassle, More Headspace!

Dead Simple to the rescue!

As your outsourced IT department, we will be on hand, around-the-clock, to respond to your issues, often before you even know they exist!


A solution to ANY problem

…And we mean it! 

We have over 15 years extensive experience under our belts helping businesses across many different sectors and sizes. 

We’re natural born problem solvers with a hell of a lot of practice at diagnosing and finding solutions to the bizarrest technology issues!

No unexpected costs

As a small business ourselves, we know what SME’s need to keep everything running smoothly… and hidden, unnecessary costs and sneaky sales tie-ins is NOT one of them.

With Dead Simple, your systems and devices will be secure, backed-up and running as efficiently as possible – all for a clear fixed cost.

Rest assured, we’re on your side and can provide the expert advice and support you need without breaking the bank.

Our service is as unique as you are!

We have developed our IT support packages to fit the needs of most of our customers, however, we know that each business is unique and that our service needs to be flexible and responsive to you and your situation.

Our consultative approach ensures that you are not fitted into our box but rather we fit our service around you and your unique needs.

When it comes to supporting your living and ever-changing business, we work with you to tackle each project with a tailor made approach – We’re with you every step of the way!

So how does it work?

If you need urgent support, get in touch and we will get straight on it, simple as that!

If you’re looking for advice and guidance on technical solutions and improving your current set up, we can assess fairly quickly where you’re at and go from there.


Step 1. Phone chat and/or in person meeting; this is for us to run through the what, why, where and how!


Step 2. We will do a network and infrastructure ‘audit’ – pulling together all the information on your current set up and processes.


 Step 3. We will come up with our suggested plan of action – this can include simple monitoring, upgrades, extra security, backups management etc. or it could be a bigger project to tackle things like networking, infrastructure, and telephony.


What’s included? 

All of our Business IT Support Packages includes everything below with many customers also taking out one of Managed IT Services such as Managed Backup or VOIP.

Dead Simple Computing are also a Microsoft Silver Partner meaning we can supply and manage all of your Microsoft 365 licences direct.

Why Use Dead Simple Computing?

As a small business ourselves, we know what SMEs need to keep everything running smoothly, with over 15 years’ experience under our belts.

Whether you like or not, your business is reliant on technology to some degree, and it’s important to make the right decisions when it comes to hardware and software. Making the wrong choice here can cause headaches further down the line, especially as you start to scale up over time.

We tackle each project with a tailor made approach, dependent on your needs, budget, expectations and future plans. True to our name, we keep things Dead Simple and leave the jargon at the door.

Get in touch to find out more.. we would love to hear from you!