Telecoms & VOIP

If you’re considering switching to a hosted or on site VOIP system, you’re probably already aware of
the numerous benefits.

A hosted, IP based telephone system can keep your business seamlessly connected; both within your organisation and with your customers. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) provides you with features and functionality that replaces the infrastructure of a traditional analogue landline system or PSTN.

Reduced monthly costs

Minimal up-front hardware, no heavy and expensive installations, maintenance costs fully inclusive of calls and maintenance.

Easily scalable

The phone system is controllable via computer software making it really easy to add or remove users as your business scales.

Flexibility and Customisation

Quicker deployment, simplified set-up, advanced call routing options and even options to integrate with your CRM and Microsoft 365.


VoIP systems are easily combined with video conferencing, reducing travel but maintaining communication regardless of the physical location

With ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network – traditional phone lines!) marked for end of life in 2024, upgrading your systems to VoIP is a key step in future proofing your communication network whilst benefiting from the latest functionality and flexibility that a hosted phone system provides.

Why Use Dead Simple Computing?

We give assurance to our customers by providing guaranteed service levels at seriously competitive rates for all of our IP Telephony systems.

Q: My business already has a PBX (Private Branch Network); can VoIP work for us too?

Yes it can! As VoIP systems exist entirely in the ‘cloud’, as long as there is access to the internet or a private data network, you can support an IP based system.

Q: We rely on internal call forwarding for directing business calls; will this be too complicated to throw into the mix?

Not at all – You will still have the same internal forwarding capabilities as before and can even include other geographic locations. The only change is that it is now hosted rather than relying on physical phone lines

Q: Changing our phones seems complicated and we can’t afford downtime.

The implementation of an IP based system is much simpler than the traditional systems. We aim to minimise the downtime required and our engineers plan the project to suit your timescales and business requirements. We take the hassle out of this kind of transition so that you can benefit from enhanced systems with little to no impact.