Microsoft Office 365

You’ve heard of Microsoft, and most likely heard of Office 365; the subscription service providing packages of applications such as Outlook, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and more.

The packages range from basic online email exchange to the full range of applications and productivity tools.

Microsoft offers packages for different types of customer whether it be for home, business, education purposes or larger enterprises, there are applications that can greatly benefit you and your use cases.

Lets keep IT simple.

Why Use Dead Simple Computing?

We have customers come to us for lots of reasons but a key one is that they want more unity in their systems, they want stuff to work better together and be up to date, providing them with the best functionality to get the job done.

Implementing Microsoft 365 through Dead Simple takes away the stress and hassle of the licencing, implementation, configuration and maintenance of the platform which can become quite complex when spread across many endpoints in your organisation.

Like Microsoft directly, we offer 365 in packages to that you are getting just what you need; to discuss the packages, get in contact or drop us a message via the live chat.

Perhaps you already have Microsoft 365 but aren’t getting the most out of it, we can help you to make better use of the tools and applications available to you.

Or perhaps you wish to remove onsite servers in general and move to the cloud? We have worked with lots of customers to replace Active Directory with Microsoft Azure AD and replace Group Policy with Endpoint Manager – but don’t panic if you have no idea what any of that means, that’s our job!

The Microsoft 365 platform is rich with potential options and integrations, even beneath the face level applications. We are specialists in the tools and want to give you the benefit of our specialist knowledge too!


  • Q: I don’t really want to pay for lots of apps I wont use
    • We don’t want you paying for things you wont use either! This is why we take a consultative approach to understand your requirements so that we can make the most appropriate recommendations for you.
  • Q: I’ve tried to use some of the apps we already have but I couldn’t get on with them
    • Using new tools always takes some getting used to, but we genuinely believe that Microsoft tools are some of the best out there and well worth the time and effort in getting used to them. We can provide guidance and advice on the best way to integrate the applications into your business.
  • Q: I’m not sure what we already have or how things are being used in my business
    • With Microsoft 365 being a subscription per month per user, it’s a good idea to know what is being used and how its being by users. Not only so that you can ensure that all licences you are paying for are being utilised but also so that you know which tools are in use and how you can further optimise that throughout your organisation.

Don't just take our word for IT