About Us

Dead Simple Computing was founded by Daniel McClure Fisher in 2019.

His extensive history with technology goes all the way back to the early 90’s when he first started taking apart the family electronics. This developed into a never-ending curiosity for systems and an impressive cable collection, because, you never know when they might come in handy!

A large proportion of his initial knowledge was self taught before he began to gain certifications, accreditations and hands on experience in businesses which now exceeds 15 years.

This experience took him to 4 different continents, supporting hundreds of end users and many complex and unique products.  With a determined, hard working and risk averse attitude he regularly set to work on solving technology problems that others couldn’t fix and challenging himself to learn more niche skills when the opportunity presented.

To this day, Daniel is the go-to within his network for systems, IT & Technology and continues to build up his impressive set of experience alongside his growing list of accreditations in security and networking. This extensive portfolio of experience led Daniel to the decision to launch Dead Simple Computing.

The concept of Dead Simple is pretty self explanatory but essentially the aim is to give individuals and SMEs a really simple but all encompassing way to approach the optimisation of their IT and systems. Dead Simple Computing works to resolve, maintain and optimise these IT systems and technology in a way that gives businesses the peace of mind and space of mind to focus on their business; something that can be hard to come by

Why is Dead Simple Computing different?

We strive to provide the kind of ‘service’ that you might expect from your closest friend/mentor/fairy godmother…; personally tailored, genuine, honest and impartial.

The amount of ‘advice’ that can be read online is overwhelming and often boils down to contradictory guidance with unnecessary costs and questionable bias. It is so easy to fall down the rabbit hole and come out the other end worse off, we have seen it time and time again!

Our aim is to reinstate trust, properly evaluate your individual requirements and provide genuine and impartial guidance and recommendations that you can rely on and that we hold ourselves accountable to.

As a small business, we personally make all the decisions when it comes to the systems we recommend and the service delivery that we provide.

We truly believe that being a small business, focusing on giving you assurance and genuine advice that fits your business is what makes us different.

A note from Daniel 

Welcome to Dead Simple Computing and thank you for checking out the website. I am passionate about working with customers to find the perfect solution for them and help them on their journey to success.

So far, we have been able to give businesses return on their investment in me and Dead Simple Computing through extra time, smoother operations, added value and peace of mind when it comes to their technology and I would love the opportunity to do the same for you too!

Daniel McClure Fisher

Consultative, Genuine & Impartial

Who we help?

We have worked with clients spanning many different industries and facing many different challenges. From sizeable business transformation projects to sole traders looking to upgrade their laptops or outsource the management of their business IT.




Small Businesses









Call centers


and Technophobes!

Case Studies

Case Study – AW Cycles

Rob from AW cycles got in contact with us; the business was thriving and he wanted to upgrade their physical hardware and put the IT side of the business in the hands of someone they could trust; having previously not had any formal support setup at all.

Following initial consultation, we migrated their old legacy server and active domain system to Microsoft Office 365 and transferred the data to ensure the appropriate level of security was in place.

Some of the physical hardware needed replacing whilst some of it could be upgraded to Windows 10 saving some costs of unnecessarily purchasing new hardware.

We then migrated everyone over from the old to new computers and set up the network whilst also taking over the management of their IT; removing the burden and providing a reliable and trustworthy support.

Rob then also asked us to help them in purchasing a new printer that could keep up with the demand of the business and also wanted guidance on installing an enhanced physical security system.

The shop had an aged coaxial CCTV system which we were able to reuse some of the cabling whilst still upgrading the Cameras to the latest 4K quality cameras available. Where required we and installed additional cameras to complete the new 16 piece set up, giving them the assurance of a thorough and secure CCTV network.

We have just had Dead Simple Computing update our IT systems at AW Cycles and what a fantastic and hassle free experience it was!
Rob Bowen
Managing Director

Case Study – MotorAngel

Matt from MotorAngel came to us with the requirement of managing all their users and computers centrally.

The systems and processes to manage the IT infrastructure had grown organically and everything was being done manually.

The manual processes were no longer fit for purpose, they were time consuming, inconsistent and potentially insecure.

Our solution – Implement Microsoft 365 Azure AD with Endpoint Management.
All it took was a few days configuring their existing Microsoft 365 subscription and some changes to their licencing. No new expensive servers or hardware was required

Our customer now has:-

  • Centralised computer and Identity management – Manual set up no longer required!
  • Automatic application installation and configuration.
  • Synchronisation of application settings and browser settings like passwords and favourites.
  • Synchronisation of files between computers and devices (desktop, my documents)
  • Single Sign-On using their Microsoft accounts to third-party applications.
  • Security polices to ensure computers are used in-line with the business policies.
  • State-of-the-art antivirus and security protection.

We can help you make the most of your Microsoft 365 subscription or help get you set up.

Dead Simple now provides MotorAngel and its  60+ users with a full Managed IT solution coveting everything from day to day user support to IT security services and Proactive Monitoring.

They recently completed a big project to configure Azure AD as well as improve our Microsoft Office 365 usage, we now use dead simple to provide technical support, remote monitoring and security for all of our 60 users who are either still working at home or gradually returning to the office, so far we have been very happy, Daniel knows his stuff and we look forward to the next project.
Matt Tumbridge
Managing Director